Friday, 26 March 2010

wedding favour project: part 1 :)

Salam :)

100 fabric cuppies yg dah siap utk djadikan wedding favour, ordered by k.Mar (Putrajaya) :)

selain fabric cuppies, k.Mar order 1000 mini muffins (assorted flavour) too :) pic below adalah sebahagian drpd mini muffins yg diorder.

sesiapa yg berminat, boleh hubungi saya segera, tq ("=")

Monday, 22 March 2010

Lovely hook :)

salam :)

in the mean of searching for materials (for my projects), i 'incidentally' found this lovely hook...

thus, anyone interested...should contact me quickly, because the stocks are very limited!!!

first come, first serve!!!

Friday, 19 March 2010

pillows, pillows, pillows ;)

another pillows yg baru disiapkan utk customer...ada lagi brg2 yg ditempah oleh org yg sama, tapi sdg dlm proses utk disiapkan..coming soon :)

off for now...will update soon with latest projects, see ya :)

love shape hanging pillows :)

Salam semua :)

jom tengok brg2 yg ditempah oleh laily, nice customer yg dtgnya dari kelate...laily, your pillows dah pun diposlaju kelmarin. Harap suka dgn pillows tu ;)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

love rose wreath :)

RM25.00 per unit

suitable for door/wall decoration :)

antara order dari customer...

Salam semua :) jom tengok...antara brg2 yg ditempah oleh customers amfeaz :)

2 pasang teddy bears (bride+groom)

2 biji flower balls (pink colour)

2 biji flower balls (combination of pink & white)

flower ball (combination of pink & white)...zoom in :)

flower ball (combination of green & yellow)

flower wreath (combination of pale peach & pale pink)

ok, next time i'll upload more pics :)

for the time being...more orders to be fulfilled/finished/done...what a craft marathon...sigh ;)