Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cutey cuppies :)

Salam :)

Fabric assorted designs and colours :)

great idea for new style of wedding gift, doorgift of any event, souvenir, birthday gift, etc.
more designs and colours to come... :)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

rose in a pot :)

Salam :)

red rose in a baby blue pot :)
sgt cute & comel utk dijadikan hiasan :)
ukuran (lebih kurang): tinggi (8 cm) x lebar (7 cm)
pot: seramik
harga: RM5.00/pot

pandangan dari atas :)

pilihan fabric

Salam semua :)

pilihan fabric cotton terbaru dari amfeaz's creative collections. sesiapa yg berminat boleh request fabrics di bawah utk dijadikan doily/handkerchief, alas meja, hanging pillows (any shape), pincushion, fabric cupcakes, etc.

(cute flowers with white background)

(sgt sweet...background checkered white+pink, ada strawberries yg comel)

fcf008 (background putih, bunga biru yg sweet :) )

(checkered green+white)

(sweet english design with pink+red roses)

(sweet english design with brown+maroon roses)

(background apple green with green & white cute flowers)

(pink white polka dots)

(sweet english design with pink+red roses and baby blue background)

(sweet yellow & orange flowers with white background)

Monday, 8 February 2010

cloth pegs

Salam :)

cute and lovely cloth pegs...boleh dijadikan penyepit kertas (memo, nota, etc).

material penyepit: kayu. RM 1.00 bagi setiap unit penyepit. terdapat dalam 3 corak menarik. akan dtg, lebih byk corak menarik akan dimasukkan :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

musim gubahan bunga :)

Kebelakangan ni, amfeaz's creative collections lebih byk terima tempahan gubahan bunga compared to handmade home deco products ;) to be honest, saya x lah pandai sgt nak menggubah bunga...semuanya saya just cucuk2 je...hopefully...semua customer yg pernah tempah gubahan bunga dari amfeaz's creative collections berpuas hati dgn hasil 'cucuk2' bunga amfeaz's...jangan serik, orderlah lagi ('-')

assorted flowers :)

Among last week's order...

rose ball/pomander in pink and blue theme. RM 5.00 only.

flower in a pot. mix of peach and orange rose bush. RM 18.00 per unit.

cute and lovely signange :)

sesuai dijadikan penyeri di hadapan pintu bilik. digantung di hadapan pintu samada bilik air, bilik tidur atau tandas.

setiap satu signage RM 6.00

RM 11.00 untuk mana-mana 2 unit signage. boleh campur jenis signage (bathroom, my room, toilet)

RM 15.00 untuk mana-mana 3 unit signage. boleh campur jenis signage (bathroom, my room, toilet)

lovely teddy :)

RM 5 per unit

cute, soft and lovely teddy bear. price shown not including the 'bakul', just for decoration suggestion. comes with 'tali' above the head of teddy bear.

functions: as home/office decoration, keychain, mobile phone accessory, etc.

love shape hanging pillow :)

RM 8 per unit

RM 15 for 2 units

p/s: 'bakul' is not included, just for decoration suggestion.

Rose ball :)

Special order from sis zila (damansara perdana) for her BIG day, next month. She has made the order since november last year ;) These lovely rose balls will be hang up in front of her wedding dais (pelamin) as the replacement of usual 'bunga pahar'. To realize her dream, i've made 100 pcs rose balls as per requested :) enjoy the pics ("-")

the size is more or less like a tennis ball. the accessories (tussels, beads,ribbons) are upon requested.

anyone??? interested, please gimme a call/sms :)