Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rose ball :)

Special order from sis zila (damansara perdana) for her BIG day, next month. She has made the order since november last year ;) These lovely rose balls will be hang up in front of her wedding dais (pelamin) as the replacement of usual 'bunga pahar'. To realize her dream, i've made 100 pcs rose balls as per requested :) enjoy the pics ("-")

the size is more or less like a tennis ball. the accessories (tussels, beads,ribbons) are upon requested.

anyone??? interested, please gimme a call/sms :)


Anonymous said...

Salam....brpe yea price if order bnga2 nie? Sy nk order jgak... ;)

amfeaz said...

wslm wbt :) boleh contact saya 019-4633912 utk detail harga, tqvm :)

Anonymous said...

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