Friday, 9 April 2010

wedding favour project: part 2 ;D

salam semua :)

kali ni entry tentang 500pcs fabric cuppies yg telah diorder oleh Pn.Mimi for her relative's wedding :) these cuppies are as wedding favours :) nowadays...fabric cuppies dah jadi favourite customers utk jadikannya sebagai wedding favour :) great idea...unique and custome made :)

here are some of the pics...don't have enough time to snap all the cuppies and all the designs...but,basically...there're several different colours,fabrics and designs that have been used to produce them :)

and for the 1st time, amfeaz's creative collections has made it's own label stickers, to be pasted onto it's products. x sempat jugak nak snap gambar the stickers...but if u really notice gambar2 cuppies kat atas ni, stickers tu ade kat bwh cup of the cuppies :) printed on the stickers are amfeaz's blog url, my email address and my contact number.

ok, for Pn.Mimi and all customers before, gazzilion thanx for keep on supporting amfeaz's products :)

for those who are interested, contact me via phone or email...or u can drop me a comment in the shoutbox or comment area.

tq so much :D


SheDazzles said...

hAI..I'm just wanna ask.what is actually the purpose of this cuppies? is it a kind of small cute box jewellery ? or it is un-openable box? i think it will be more exciting if we can put things inside the box...;-)

amfeaz said...

hai SheDazzles :)
tq for stopping by and asking :) well, actually the purpose of the cuppies is just for decoration and it's un-openable box. yup, true, if it's an openable box it'll be more exciting, but currently i'm doing it as it is. may be soon i'm going to explore on how to innovate it to useful openable box. anyway, tq dear for the comment and suggestion, really appreciate it :)