Thursday, 7 April 2011

special project for FESTAKA @ UM

Assalamualaikum everyone :)

special project for FESTAKA @ UM (Universiti Malaya)

...providing 180pcs bookmarks as doorgifts for participants of the event.
Thank you so much for the opportunity given; to be part of the program and am truly enjoyed it.

p/s: tqvm sis maizatul for being aware of my blog existence, hence the good cooperation began. nice dealing with you, and other committees (that were so helpful) as well. May Allah rewards all of you :)


Anonymous said...


nak tanya la

1)berapa kos utk 1pcs and min order berapa (any discount etc)

2)selewat2nya berapa hari saya perlu buat tempahan sebelum tarikh saya perlukan item ini (harap faham dis quest, sbb saya pun dah rasa berbelit =)

my email :

amfeaz said...

Assalam sis, saya dah email, nnti check ye, tqvm :)

Aty Adnan said...

nak tahu jugak price yg ni and topper tu

amfeaz said...

assalam aty, saya email harganya, check ye, tqvm :)