Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'order of the year'

Assalamualaikum everyone :)

by the title of this post, it's like a fabric cupcakes marathon, from day to day..until all were accomplished. indeed, it's a very challenging and tough order to be accomplished, hence the energy needed is not just come from me alone, thus came from several generous-hearted individuals, whom had lend me theirs hands for helping me at anytime asked. i would like to personally express my gratitude and thanked them for giving me the very outstanding cooperations. may Allah rewards them equally.

this very outstanding order came from sis Ameerah (tmn teknologi malaysia, bukit jalil)
1200pcs pink & english rose theme fabric cupcakes
1000pcs english blue theme fabric cupcakes
(total of 2200pcs fabric cupcakes!)

thank you so much for giving me the opportunity in realizing part of your wedding dreams. hope you'll satisfied with my artworks, thus your wedding guests will be delighted to receive this doorgift :)

indeed, i've learned lots of things from accomplishment of this order, especially time management. Alhamdulillah, it's also a lesson for me to keep on improving any weaknesses in this field..insha Allah :)


AIN NAZRI said...

waaaa seronoknya.. sangat banyak kan.. nanti order tuk adik ipar ain pon banyak mcm nie kan.. penuh umah dengan cup cake.. hehehe x sabar betol

amfeaz said...

ha'ah ain...byk x terkata...customer nih repeat order lagi...mmg hujung thn ni umah akak penuh dgn cupcakes :)