Friday, 9 July 2010

flower balls: colours collections :)

Salam semua :)

gambar2 di bawah adalah koleksi terbaru flower balls a.k.a rose pomander amfeaz's creative collections :) kalini terdapat lebih byk pilihan warna. so, boleh pilih ikut warna yg mana berkenan di hati :)

actually, semua flower ball nih telahpun ditempah oleh Pn. Mimi (Putrajaya) utk dijadikan wedding favour. Kalau x silap, ini kali ke-2 Pn. Mimi order produk dari amfeaz utk dijadikan wedding favour, setelah menempah 500pcs fabric cuppies bulan April lepas :) ::boleh baca entry di sini:: gazzillion thanx to her for keep on trusting and being loyal to amfeaz's creative collections. her support towards amfeaz's products is really meant so much for us :) to Pn. Mimi, there'll be a special (mystery) gift to you, that will be delivered together with these 120pcs flower balls.

kpd pelanggan & pengunjung setia blog amfeaz, here are the pics, to be viewed and referred when you make an order (of flower ball) :) should you need any combination colours (of your taste) just tell me and i'll try to realize it ;)

atas: dark purple + pale pink

bwh: red + pinky white

atas: red + white

bwh: red + orange

bwh (tepi kanan): red + pink + white

atas (kiri): blue + pinky white

atas (kanan): apple green + white

random: dark green + creamy yellow

random: turmeric yellow + dark brown

random: dark blue + baby blue + white

random: dark purple + white

random: purple + pale pink

random: purple + pinky white

random: purple + milky white+ pink

random: purple + creamy yellow

atas: red

random: baby pink + pinky white

random: orange

random: maroon red + cream

random: pink + pinky white

random: baby pink

atas: blue + baby pink

bwh: red + turmeric yellow

random: yellow + apple green

random: purple + orange

random: yellow + white

random: dark green + turmeric yellow

kanan: yellow

kiri: dark green

choose colours of your choice :)

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