Tuesday, 11 January 2011

latest order :)

Salam semua :)

order from wan najwati (terengganu)

1 set of 6pcs hanging throw cushions:
- 1pcs hanging throw cushion (HOME SWEET HOME)
- 5pcs hanging throw cushion with names (AYAH, UMI, ALIFF, ANEESA, ADLEEN)

as well as these 10pcs fabric cupcakes :)

tqvm for placing the order and the trust given, to realize her hanging throw cushions, complete with her family members names :)


Nurazimah said...

Wah...so sweet..comelnyerrrr

amfeaz said...

salam Nurazimah :)

tqvm :) welcome to my collections of sweet n 'comel' things :)

Wanzi said...

wah cantiknya blog ni.... temanya manja n comel

amfeaz said...

salam Wanzi :)

tq for coming to my blog :)

nurul aziyana said...

klu hanging throw cushion ni braper?

amfeaz said...

salam sis :) saya dah email quotation, nnti check ye :)