Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My blog's been reviewed :)

Salam semua :)

It's such an honour and i feel so glad that my blog (especially the products) had been reviewed by these blogs:
  1. Wedding Blog Club
  2. My Square Cut Ring
Have a visit to their blogs, and you'll know what are their passions :)
So, here are the sneak peaks from their blogs which had entries about my blog and products reviewed :)

So, for bride-to-be out there, these 2 cool blogs should be visited because they have lots of info and reference regarding wedding a.k.a big day matters. Let's check out and be inspired :)


Rabia Sensei said...

Wah, sudah terjah blog tersebut. Memang cute lah hasil kerja ko. Aku tak pernah nafikan. Oklah, nak share juga entry ni dengan readers lain =D Keep it up!

amfeaz said...

rabi, ko memang pantas ;D share jgn tak share :) well, u too...keep up your good writings :)

fairuz said...

assalammualaikum amfeaz :)
saya amat tertarik ngan fabric cupcakes nie. really impressed me :)
boleh email kat saya quotation.
coz i plan nak jadikan door gift for wedding ceremony next year:)
my name is nyza.
email address:

amfeaz said...

wslm wbt fairuz @ nyza :) tqvm krn berminat :) nnti saya emailkan quotation, check ye :)