Monday, 13 December 2010

ad hoc order :)

Salam semua :)
ad hoc order from ika (gombak) just +- 3 days, order taken n completed...quite challenging in terms of material hunting, because i have to find the suitable flowers, the combination and the matching pots. 2 days for material hunting...considering the 'out of stock' here and there + 1 day for completing the sets, and during the night, ready to be delivered to the customer.
but, despite all the challenges, i'm happy to serve my customer, the very best i can do, because this job is part of my passions in life.
so, here now...presenting to you...23 sets of sweet roses of light purple + pink in pots...enjoy the piccas :)

ready to be delivered :)

hopefully, ika and her family will like the flowers as much as i do. insya Allah, ada rezeki next time leh order lagi :) thanx for the 'ad hoc' order, ika :)


aDieyZa said...

cutenya.. brpa hrga ni?

amfeaz said...

salam aDieyZa :) tq krn berminat, saya dah email harga, nnti check ye :)

suhaina said...

Slm, boleh bgtahu berapa harga? TQ

amfeaz said...

wslm wbt suhaina :) tima kasih krn berminat, saya dah hantar email ttg harganya, plz check ye, tqvm :)

Anonymous said...

boleh bgtau berapa harga???
kalau amik banyak harga same jugak ker??

amfeaz said...

wslm wbt :) kalau betul2 berminat, boleh hantar email kat saya:

nnti saya bg quotation harga utk bunga tu...kalu amik byk, ada diskaun :)

tqvm :)

Anonymous said...

Saya pn nk tahu brp