Tuesday, 28 December 2010

rumah customer Amfeaz's Creative Collections (part 1) :)

Salam semua :)

in appreciating our customers' loyalty, I am proud to present you their sweet and lovely homes, nicely decorated with products from Amfeaz's Creative Collections :)

among them are khairul nizam (on behalf of his mother) from k.selangor :)

fabric cuppies :)

fabric cuppies

fabric cuppies

fabric cuppies & flower ball

fabric cuppies

hanging love pillow

hanging love pillow

thanx so much for the support towards our products, may Allah rewards you in helping to enhance muslim economy and products, syukran jazilan :)


Rabia Sensei said...

baguslah ernie. at least, ada tips untuk hias umah.

amfeaz said...

mekasih rabi :) just sharing good info n tips :) mane yg rase baik leh ikut :)